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How Dental Bonding Enhances the Smile

Do you feel unhappy about the color, shape, or overall appearance of your teeth? You could suffer a blow to your self-esteem when you do not feel proud of your smile. But you can improve the look of your smile with cosmetic dental solutions from your dentist.

An effective and affordable way to enhance your smile is through a teeth-bonding procedure. A dentist will etch into your teeth to prepare them and then apply composite resin, sculpting the material according to your desired results. They cure it, harden it, and polish it for a beautiful finish.

You can feel more confident about pursuing this cosmetic dental work when you know more about the benefits it can provide. Read on to find three ways that dental bonding can help you achieve your smile aesthetic goals.

dental bonding enhances teeth appearance

3 Benefits from Teeth Bonding Treatment

Whiten Discolored Teeth

Your teeth can become yellow, dark, or otherwise discolored for a variety of reasons. This can occur due to poor oral habits or even factors outside your control such as aging. But stubborn stains will not respond to your usual oral hygiene routine.

Your dentist can use tooth-colored resin in dental bonding to cover any stains on your teeth. They will make the teeth appear brighter and more even, enhancing the overall look of your smile. Bonding can stain if you are not careful, so follow aftercare instructions from your dentist for optimal results from this treatment.

Fix Minor Tooth Breakage

Though teeth experience wear and tear routinely through chewing and biting, usually without issue, they are not indestructible. Under high pressure, teeth can chip or crack. This dental injury will worsen without prompt intervention from your dentist.

Not only does tooth breakage disrupt the look of your smile, but it makes your teeth vulnerable to further dental problems like cavities. Your dentist will employ restorative dental treatments to fix severe tooth breakage. But smaller cracks or chips can be mended with dental bonding.

The bonding will cover the tooth breakage, creating a seal over the injury that will both improve its appearance and keep it safe from further harm. This treatment can also shape irregularly sized teeth to improve your dental structure. With proper care, the bonding will remain in place for three to ten years.

Fill Gaps Between Teeth

Whether due to genetics or poor oral habits, your teeth can grow misaligned. Crooked or overlapped teeth may make you feel self-conscious, but they can also pose a threat to your oral health.

It can be harder to clean your teeth as well as you should if you cannot access the entire surface of your teeth. And gaps between teeth will allow food to get trapped, further harming your smile.

A dentist can fill small gaps in your smile with dental bonding. The resin will close this space between the teeth, boosting oral hygiene and your smile’s appearance. It will make the smile appear fuller and more natural as well.