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Addressing the Problem of Missing Teeth

If you’re struggling with missing teeth, we at Dr. Alan Dechter and Dr. Matthew Moy’s dental practice understand your concerns. Not only do missing teeth affect aesthetics, but they also impact functionality like chewing and speech.

But some people may worry about pursuing dental work to replace missing teeth, despite the benefits. When you know more about tooth replacement treatments, you can feel more confident restoring your smile with your dentist. Read on to learn about the importance of replacing lost teeth as well as the treatment options available to you.

Addressing the Problem of Missing Teeth

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Missing teeth may stem from various causes. Predominantly tooth decay is a leading culprit which can progress to severe stages if not timely detected and treated appropriately during routine check-ups. We find that quick response to trauma-related emergencies also plays a significant role in preventing immediate tooth loss.

Why Do I Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

If you lose even one tooth, you can run into several types of complications with your smile. You could see a blow to your self-esteem with gaps disrupting your smile. And missing teeth can make it harder to chew and speak.

But even one missing tooth can cause your dental health to deteriorate. You may face a greater risk of tooth decay or gum disease.

Plus, without a full set of tooth roots reaching the jawbone, your jaw could suffer from bone loss. Then you could see your remaining teeth shift out of place as well as a sagging look in the facial structure. The way to resolve these issues and prevent worsening oral health is to replace missing teeth.

What Are My Options for Tooth Replacement?

Our versatile restoration options include dental implants, durable fixtures rooted directly into your jawbone providing superior stability compared to alternatives hence bridging gaps seamlessly in both looks and function akin to natural teeth. Another viable alternative includes dentures, which, although less permanent compared to implants, offer flexibility due to their removable nature. They work for those looking for an option that adjusts better to varied lifestyles without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Bridges are cost-effective yet might raise durability issues in the long term, while patients preferring longevity often opt for dental implants. The final choice necessitates a balance between patient preference and practical considerations.

We begin each dental restoration journey with an initial consultation, a crucial step where we deeply assess your oral health and discuss potential treatment options before crafting a tailored plan. This individualized blueprint includes all procedural details such as the surgeries during dental implant placements plus healing durations expected post-treatments.

If missing teeth have been stopping you from smiling confidently or enjoying food heartily, it’s time to take control back. Contact Dr. Alan Dechter and Dr. Matthew Moy today, who, utilizing years of expertise coupled with the latest technology, look forward not just to restoring your smile but uplifting everyday life quality through optimal dental health.