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Teeth Whitening Silver Spring, MD

Teeth Whitening An Overview

Teeth whitening can provide the quick, economical and painless smile makeover you are looking for. Quickly improve your smile for that special event, wedding, reunion- or just to boost your confidence!

Dr. Dechter and Dr. Moy offer in-office and take-home professional teeth whitening in Silver Spring MD. We can brighten your smile and take years off of your overall appearance in just a few sessions.

When starting with a healthy clean smile, teeth whitening can remove stains and tooth darkening from lifestyle habits and aging. Patients often boost the whiteness of their smile 6-8 shades brighter. Professional teeth whitening can offer a safer, more effective, and lasting result when compared to over-the-counter options.

affordable teeth whitening in Silver Spring Maryland

We offer both in-office and custom take-home teeth whitening treatments near you. They can be chosen separately, or combined to suit your dental health needs and cosmetic goals. Your dentist will make recommendations for you based on a dental exam and your cosmetic goals.

Although, there are certain types of tooth stains that do not respond well or at all to teeth whitening. For patients with stains that are the result of medical conditions, medications, or genetics, we can offer alternative cosmetic treatments. We can improve the color and appearance of your teeth with the following treatments:

  • Dental crowns: for a single discolored tooth, a dental crown can be placed to change the color or shape and provide a more seamless appearance.
  • Tooth bonding: tooth bonding is an easy and economical way to change the color of your teeth and address tooth darkening or bleach-resistant stains.
  • Dental veneers: we can place custom porcelain veneers to enhance the color and appearance of your smile, with permanent results.

Teeth Whitening Pros and Cons Infographic

Teeth Whitening What to Expect

The first step towards a whiter, brighter smile is to evaluate the overall health of your teeth and the source of your stains or discoloration. Our Silver Spring dentists will meet with you to perform an exam and discuss your cosmetic goals.

They will make an appropriate recommendation for your needs and go over associated costs and the results you can expect. We will only recommend appropriate treatments for your unique smile and budget.

The at-home process is simple. If you are using a take-home teeth whitening kit, we will take dental impressions during your first visit. These will be used for the fabrication of your custom fit bleaching trays for at-home use.

The bleaching trays will fit over your teeth like a mouthguard and will minimize irritation of the gums while delivering a consistent result. Most patients will be instructed to wear the bleaching trays daily for a specified amount of time. Treatment time varies, but patients typically wear them for a couple of weeks.

A whiter smile will slowly be revealed as the bleaching products penetrate the tooth enamel. Unlike over-the-counter options, these bleaching trays contain professional-grade bleaching products. They’re designed to minimize sensitivity while providing the best results. The trays can be kept and used for touch-ups down the road.

An in-office teeth whitening procedure will take about an hour. We will use special mouth protection to minimize irritation and sensitivity, especially in soft tissues in the mouth. A bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and the bleaching agent is activated with a special light. You’re provided with eye protection to ensure that they’re protected from the light as well.

Your new smile will be evident before you leave the office! You’ll continue to see results over the span of 24 hours. Don’t delay, request an appointment online today.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Can teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening may cause teeth sensitivity after treatment. In most cases, this goes away within a few hours post-treatment.

How long will my gums stay white after teeth whitening?

Gums may become “bleached” and appear white after having professional teeth whitening treatment. This is not uncommon and is comparable to a sunburn, except it is a slight chemical burn. In most cases, your gums will return to normal within a few days after treatment. Do not be alarmed if soft tissue flakes off. This is part of the healing process.

How often should you go in for professional teeth whitening?

Most patients who have professional teeth whitening treatment go in every three to six months. Whitening too often can cause harm to the enamel of teeth, so it is important to give your teeth a break to rest and recover between treatments. Patients typically develop a schedule, and have their teeth cleaned and whitened at the same time.

When do you see the effects of whitening?

Patients typically see the effect of whitening 24 hours after their first treatment. Results take approximately 2 weeks to become fully apparent but most patients notice a difference in their teeth after 1-2 days.

Can teeth whitening damage your teeth?

Teeth whitening does not damage teeth. Whitening products have been tested on tooth enamel and there has been no evidence showing that it causes any harm.