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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

With COVID-19, many dental offices are following the advice of the ADA and remaining closed for everything but emergency dental care. Dr. Alan Dechter and Dr. Matthew Moy, dentists in Silver Spring, MD, are among those that are here to help in the event of a dental emergency. So what exactly is a dental emergency and what can you do until you’re seen in the office?

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Taking On a Dental Emergency

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call us immediately. We want to get you seen in the office as soon as possible. Below is a list of common dental emergencies and how you can help until you get into the office.

Severe Tooth Pain

You should never ignore tooth pain, especially if it’s sharp or comes on suddenly. Any number of things can cause tooth pain. These include extreme tooth decay, an abscess, or an infection. For many of these conditions, you won’t be able to tell which it is without a dentist doing an examination. Use over the counter pain medications to help with the pain and utilize a cold compress for any swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Many people may react in panic when an adult tooth is knocked out. However, it’s important to stay calm so that you can find and retrieve your tooth. Be sure to pick it up by the crown and avoid touching the root at all. Gently rinse off any dirt that may have gathered on the tooth. Place it in a cup of milk or your own saliva to help preserve it. You should never attempt to put the tooth back in by yourself.

Bring the tooth with you to your appointment. Dr. Dechter or Dr. Moy will evaluate the tooth and determine if it’s viable for replacement. If it isn’t, you don’t have to worry. Our office offers many options to replace missing teeth. Our office especially recommends dental implants. They’re considered the gold standard of tooth replacement and both feel and look the most natural.

Something Stuck in Your Teeth

If something is stuck between your teeth, it can cause pain and bleeding in the gums. If you want to try and remove the object on your own, be careful what you do it with. Never use anything sharp, like a toothpick or anything similar. When you go to remove it, start with using dental floss and see if that works. Rinsing your mouth out with water is also an option.

If you’re able to remove it and there’s bleeding, rinse your mouth out with warm saltwater. This helps sanitize the area that’s bleeding. If you can’t get it out, call us. One of our dentists can take a look and determine the best way to remove it without harming your teeth and gums further.

Your Dentist in Silver Spring, Maryland

If you have a dental emergency, call us right away. We’re also here to help you when the pandemic is over. Call us or schedule an appointment online for the future.