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General Dentistry Silver Spring MD

General dental services are the foundation of lifelong oral health, and the foundation of our dental practice near you in Silver Spring, MD. Dr. Alan Dechter and Dr. Matthew Moy provide experienced dental care with an emphasis on disease prevention through routine dental care and general dentistry. From dental exams to root canals, we are your dental home for the maintenance of your smile.

Our General Dental Services include:

general dentistry in Silver Spring MD

General Dentistry in Silver Spring

General dentistry is focused on keeping the teeth and the gums healthy and encompasses the dental care that supports this effort, from cleanings to periodontal therapy. Visiting your dentist in Silver Spring twice a year enables us to perform the treatments that will sustain your oral health and prevent the onset or development of oral disease.

Brushing and flossing at home are important and support your dental health, but a professional cleaning twice a year will also remove plaque from those hard-to-reach spots, between the teeth, along the gum line, and other spots you cannot see in your bathroom mirror. Our dental hygienists are trained and certified in providing care that will minimize your risk for decay and gum disease and spot the early warning signs of tooth cavities so that we can treat you conservatively.

During your visits, we will discuss lifestyle habits that impact oral health such as smoking, and can offer personalized advice for keeping your teeth and gums healthy between visits. We also work one on one as a team with our patients who have medical conditions affecting their oral health or who are prescribed medications that can have oral side effects.

Cavity Prevention

The prevention of tooth decay or dental caries is one of the key elements of your preventive dental care. Tooth decay often compromises the structure of your natural teeth and can lay the foundation for deteriorating dental health if left untreated.

During routine visits, we use a handheld digital cavity scanner that can spot the early changes in tooth enamel and other tissue that indicate the presence of decay. Early treatment is often conservative and will minimize having to degrade tooth structure to remove decay and place a filling.

Preventing tooth decay also helps to prevent gum disease. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy will enable you to enjoy a natural, stable smile for a lifetime.

Feeling nervous about a dental filling? Our team will make every effort to explain each step in the process, ensure you are comfortable, and takes a caring approach to your care. We understand that many patients feel anxious when faced with a dental filling and work with you on an individual basis to help you feel relaxed and confident in the dentist chair.

A dental filling is completed during one visit and is typically a simple procedure, especially when the decay is minimal and spotted early. If you have been avoiding the dentist and are concerned that you have tooth cavities, schedule a visit with us and experience the difference that our personalized care can make in your overall comfort. Addressing tooth decay as soon as possible can avoid permanent damage and even tooth loss.

One-visit Root Canals

If you are experiencing advanced tooth decay or infection, a root canal may be the solution for saving the tooth and eliminating pain. Dr. Dechter and Dr. Moy offer the convenience of one-visit endodontics! We can perform a root canal using this advanced procedure in our Silver Spring dentist office. Give us a call at (301) 508-9755, or request an appointment online today. We gladly welcome patients from the Silver Spring and Wheaton, MD area.