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Emergency Dentistry Silver Spring, MD

A dental emergency can arise at any time. If you are experiencing a dental emergency contact our Silver Spring dental office as soon as possible. We will give you advice on how to proceed and minimize damage and discomfort.

Call us at (301) 508-9755. We have an after-hours answering service that will notify one of our dentists.

Contact our office as soon as possible with dental trauma, sudden pain, excessive bleeding, or tooth damage. In many cases, we can see patients on the same day if necessary to manage your emergency.

Tips for Dental Emergencies

Here are some practical tips for managing pain, minimizing permanent damage, and stabilizing your dental problem. Our Silver Spring dental office will also provide detailed instructions when you call and can answer all your questions.

Object stuck between teeth

If something lodges between the teeth, from food particles to an object, do not attempt to remove it with a pick or sharp object. Rinse the area gently or use dental floss if possible. Contact our office if this is unsuccessful.

Chipped or cracked tooth

To remove any debris or food particles from the area of damage, rinse the mouth gently with cool water. If a piece has broken off and you can save it, place it in a container of cold milk and bring it with you to the office. We may be able to reattach the piece if addressed in a timely manner. If not, we can provide you with options such as porcelain veneers.

Tooth pain

Sudden or throbbing tooth pain can have a variety of causes. Apply a cold compresses on your cheek to help alleviate immediate pain. You can also use over-the-counter pain medication to reduce discomfort until our dentists can help you. Do not try to manage severe pain on your own for long periods.

Knocked out tooth

If the tooth is intact and you have it, pick it up by the crown (top) of the tooth. Rinse it with either milk or your own saliva, but do not use water! Rinsing the tooth with water can harm the root if they’re still intact. Then either hold it between your cheek and gums or place it in milk.

You can also place it in a cup of your own saliva. Always keep the tooth moist with your saliva or milk. We will attempt to save the tooth if you bring it in as soon as possible. Contact our office immediately when you have a knocked-out tooth for instructions on how to proceed.

Single-visit Root Canals

We are highly-trained dentists in Silver Spring Maryland offering comprehensive dental care under one roof. This means we can offer fast and complete dental services without the need to refer you to other specialists. Our single-visit root canals can get your teeth back to full function in one day!

If your teeth are causing you severe pain every time you chew, schedule a visit immediately. Never assume which dental treatments you need without consulting with an accredited dentist.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental problem that needs treatment ASAP. These may include excessive bleeding from the mouth and unbearable pain accompanied by a dental problem. Dental emergencies require immediate care.

Can you go to the ER for a dental emergency?

You can visit the hospital emergency room with a dental emergency. However, there is not much that they can legally do to help you. When dealing with a dental emergency, the ER can only offer you pain medication and address excessive bleeding. A dentist is the only professional who can do any surgical work on a person’s teeth and oral structures.

If you are dealing with unbearable pain and cannot reach your dentist, the ER may be able to help you regulate pain. However, the ER cannot fix the issue, you will need to see a dentist to fix your issue.

What helps unbearable tooth pain?

If you are experiencing extreme tooth pain from a dental emergency, dentists have tips to help soothe your mouth and relieve pain. The best thing that patients can do is to rinse their mouths with warm saltwater. This draws infection and bacteria out of your gums while soothing your entire mouth.

Taking over-the-counter pain medication can help relieve pain in your mouth while you are waiting to visit our dentists. Holding a cold washcloth or ice pack against the side of your jaw is a good way to relieve swelling and numb the area.

Can the emergency room pull a broken tooth?

The emergency room cannot pull teeth because it’s illegal. No one other than a professional dentist can legally pull teeth. The only thing the ER can offer a patient with a broken tooth is antibiotics and pain medication. Call our office at (301) 508-9755 to address common dental emergencies.