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Dental Implants Silver Spring, MD

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

We provide our patients with the most natural-looking dental implants in Silver Spring, MD. Our dental implant procedure is the most effective natural tooth replacement treatment possible. A dental implant consists of several parts to replace the lost tooth root in the jaw and the tooth itself.

Dr. Alan Dechter and Dr. Matthew Moy provide complete implant dentistry in Maryland under one roof. Our dental office can replace missing teeth for almost anyone considering teeth implants after tooth loss.

Our dentists offer to quality dental care and advanced dental techniques for the best possible results. Consider Dechter & Moy Dentistry as your trusted source for replacement teeth, mini dental implants, implant-supported dentures and more.

affordable mini implants and dental implants in Silver Spring

Replacing missing teeth is important for both the aesthetics and health of your mouth. Replace your teeth as soon as possible to avoid the onset of more complex dental problems and changes in the fit of your bite. Having missing teeth for long periods can limit treatment options and impact your future oral health.

Dental Implants at Dechter and Moy Dentistry

We place all types of dental implants to replace missing teeth, from one to several. Dental implants mimic the structure of natural teeth almost perfectly. This replacement tooth consists of three main parts:

  • Implant post fixture: The post serves as a fake but stable and strong artificial tooth root. It plays a key role in helping stabilize the bone tissue and minimize changes in the shape of your jaw. Consisting of surgical-grade titanium, the oral surgeon will place the implant post into your healthy jaw bone tissue.
  • Abutment: The abutment will secure the final dental prosthetic to the implant post. It can consist of porcelain, a metal alloy, or a combination of both.
  • Restoration: The restoration is a prosthetic tooth or dental crown that the dentist customizes for your mouth. It can also be a custom implant-supported denture or implant-secured bridge.

Dr. Dechter and Dr. Moy use leading technology to place dental implants with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, it offers the best possible patient experience. We use CBCT scanning in the office to create high-resolution 3D imagery with detailed views of your entire mouth. Your dentist will use these images to plan the placement of the dental implants, especially if they are securing a bridge or denture.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The first procedure is the surgical implantation of the tiny, titanium post into the jaw bone. Your dentist will map out the location of the post using digital imagery. Once in place, the post will need several months time to fuse with the bone tissue and completely heal.

The next step is to uncover the post and attach the abutment (dental crown) which will support the final restoration. This step may be different if you are having the dentist attach a dental bridge or denture to the dental implant. Once the final restoration (a denture, bridge, or crown) is in place, your new smile will be complete.

We will provide instructions for keeping your new dental implant and implant supported appliance clean. Our patients enjoy a success rate of over 95%! Your implants will last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and routine dental care.

To learn more about the procedure and treatment process, visit The Dental Implant Process.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a safe and effective way to replace missing teeth. They provide many benefits such as improved appearance, better oral health, and increased confidence. Dental implants can also help preserve the jawbone and prevent further tooth loss. With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, making them a great investment in your oral health.

Understanding all the benefits of dental implants can help you make the best decision for your oral health. To learn more about the benefits, visit Benefits of Dental Implants.

Dental Implant FAQs

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement because of the benefits they provide for your quality of life.

  • Secure, permanent restoration: Dental implants permanent and will last a lifetime if you take care of them.
  • Restores natural chewing ability: Dental implants have almost no need for dietary restrictions. Dentures and bridges need limited diets to minimize slippage.
  • Confident speech: A stable restoration allows patients to speak normally and restores confidence in social and professional settings.
  • Reduces bone loss: The dental implant post stabilizes bone. It acts as the missing tooth root and minimizes changes in the jaw and function of the bite.
  • Prevent gum disease from lost teeth: Missing teeth can expose soft gum tissue. By closing the gap that they leave behind, you prevent gum disease from taking hold.

Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants Treatment?

Dr. Dechter and Dr. Moy will evaluate all aspects of your dental health to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants. We will discuss your overall physical health as well. Key elements to consider include:

  • Your jaw bone density and jaw health
  • If you have adequate bone structure in your jaw
  • The condition of your dental health
  • Medical conditions that can affect your ability to heal
  • Your cosmetic goals

Most patients will qualify dental implants thanks to the many advances in dentistry. New materials and techniques enable us to address bone loss and other concerns. Receiving dental implant treatment is easier than ever before.

Your dentist may need to perform bone grafting, gum disease treatments, and other procedures prior to placing dental implants. These are issues that could affect your long term result. We work with patients on an individual basis to assess their needs. We provide personal and caring treatment that will support your long term oral health and wellness.

Will dental insurance cover dental implants?

In most cases, your dental insurance benefits will not cover dental implants. We will file a claim for you to maximize any amount of benefit that may apply to your treatment plan. We also offer convenient financing options.

The dental implant process takes several months for most patients. It begins with treatment planning and using digital diagnostics to evaluate the structure and health of your mouth.

How long do dental implants take to heal?

Your mouth takes anywhere from six to eight months to fully heal over the dental implants. If you need bone grafting, the healing process may take longer.

Does food get under dental implants?

Dental implants function just like natural teeth. Your diet should not need to have any restrictions with dental implants. Food should not get stuck underneath implants. The dentist will insert them directly in your gums, giving little to no room for dental implants to trap food under them.

What are the stages of a dental implant procedure?

The first stage of the procedure is removing the damaged tooth. Bone grafting will occur next if you need it. Then, the dentist will place the implant post during a surgical procedure.

After the dental implant surgery, it will take some time to allow your mouth to adjust to the implant. Then, the dentist will place the abutment and a dental restoration to complete the process.

To read more frequently asked questions about dental implants, visit Dental Implant FAQs. To learn more about our dental implant services, visit:

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