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Dental Technology

At Dechter and Moy Dentistry in Silver Spring MD, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care. Part of that commitment involves incorporating state of the art dental technology into our practice. This allows us to create a more precise, personalized treatment plan.

Advanced Dental Technology in Silver Spring, MD

Incorporating advanced dental technology into our practice allows us to provide the very best in dental care. Our technology enhances diagnostic accuracy, which allows for better treatment outcomes.

Digital 3D imaging provides detailed, high-resolution images so our team can create treatment plans with a high level of precision. This leads to more effective and efficient interventions, improving the care we provide for patients.

Advanced technology reduces the discomfort and recovery time associated with traditional dental procedures. Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding and promotes faster healing. Our goal is to make the patient experience more comfortable and less invasive. With the addition of dental lasers and other technology, our patients are happier during the procedure and with the outcome.

We invest in advanced dental technology to provide more convenient treatments for our patients. With the addition of CEREC, we can create same-day dental restorations, saving you time.

Dechter and Moy Dentistry stay current with the latest technological advancements, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and innovation.

We want our current and new patients to know that we are devoted to their dental health and comfort. The technology we utilize in our office is essential for providing high-quality care and improving patient satisfaction.

SprintRay 3D Printing

Modern Dentist Office Silver Spring MDOur office uses SprintRay 3D Printing. SprintRay 3D Printing will significantly enhance your dental practice by streamlining workflows and reducing turnaround times for dental appliances. This piece of dental technology allows us to offer same-day dental appliances.

By minimizing our reliance on external dental labs, we can provide our patients with quicker service and increase satisfaction rates. We can also keep much of our lab work in-house for a fast turnaround on dental devices like nightguards and clear aligners.

3D printers are a valuable tool for almost every type of treatment. The SprintRay 3D printing allows us to provide high-quality, efficient dental services. The precision and accuracy of 3D printing ensure a superior fit and finish for dental devices, improving overall treatment outcomes.


CEREC stands for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. The complete CEREC unit allows your dentist to design, create and place ceramic restoration during a single visit. CEREC technology allows us to take digital images of your teeth, and convert it into a 3-D virtual model. CEREC virtually eliminates the need for messy impressions, temporary restorations, and multiple visits over weeks and weeks to the dentist.

With CEREC, your dentist can design a beautiful, custom made restoration on their computer screen. Once the dentist approves the final design, we will send it to a milling machine. The milling unit creates high quality restorations, which our dentists can fit and place in our Silver Spring dentist office in one visit.

3-D Imaging

With everything going digital, our scans can be sent to the lab and 3D models can be printed. This assures greater accuracy than the old stone models we have always worked with. 3 D printing can also be used to fabricate many other dental appliances using advanced plastics including temporary restorations, mouthguards, dentures, and even retainers. As the technology improves and costs come down, 3D fabrication technology will make its way from the lab to us.

3-D imaging allows your dentist to take high resolution images of the soft and hard tissue in the mouth. This includes the teeth, jaw bone, nerves, and gums. It is more precise, more accurate, and more efficient than traditional 2-D imaging methods.

3-D imaging can help with the diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution of dental implants, orthodontics, cosmetic procedures, and restorative treatments. 3-D imaging also limits the amount of radiation exposure. A scan can produce a wide scope of views and angles that the dentist can enhance and use for a complete evaluation.  Also, the use of 3-D imaging technology often creates a more convenient and pleasant dental visit for the patient.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays can be used as an alternative to traditional x- rays. They emit a lower percentage of radiation, making them the ideal choice for most dentists. Digital x -rays also provide a more precise depiction of the intended x-ray site.

We can produce digital x-rays immediately after we take them and the dentist to view them on their computer screen. Using digital technology, your dentist can enlarge, enhance, and view your x-rays without re-exposing you to more radiation.

Computer Guided Dental Implants

The planning and placement of dental implants require dentists to analyze the surrounding bone structure to find the most viable implantation site. State of the art dental technology like 3-D imaging, CBCT scanners, and digital x-rays allows our dentists to plan the most effective treatment.

The dental technology used can help plan a more precise, detailed treatment plan for placing dental implants. With advanced dental technology-backed dental implants, patients can enjoy high-quality, long-lasting restorations.

Laser Dentistry

Today’s patients desire not only functional dentistry but also dentistry that is comfortable, effective, and safe. Our laser is unique because it is an “all-tissue” laser. It redefines the dental experience.

The Waterlase iPlus offers us complete versatility across all tissue types. We can do all soft-tissue and restorative procedures on hard tissue (teeth), often without an anesthetic. Imagine this minimally invasive dentistry on our young patients that is now simple and safe. It will not leave them anxious to return.

Using the Waterlase iPlus causes minimal discomfort, often eliminating the need for anesthesia. This results in quicker recovery times and a more pleasant experience for patients. Additionally, the Waterlase iPlus ensures high precision during some dental treatment. This precision reduces the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

The Waterlase iPlus offers dental laser technology that promotes a sterile environment. With the addition of a sterile environment, this minimizes the risk of infection and increases overall patient safety.