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Why You Need a Custom Mouthguard

Custom mouthguards are typically made to protect the smile during contact sports or any other activity that could result in an injury to the mouth. Another form of custom guard could be a nightguard, used for problems with TMJ. Drs. Alan Dechter and Matthew Moy, dentists in Silver Spring, MD, discuss why custom mouthguards are necessary and the process of getting them.silver spring, maryland dentists

Mouthguards for Sports

Sports mouthguards are used during contact sports like football and hockey. They prevent things like chipped or broken teeth and harm coming to braces or other orthodontic or dental appliances. While there are devices that are sold over the counter, often known as bite and fit mouthguards, these aren’t as effective as a custom one.

Bite and fit mouthguards are marketed as being one size fits all. However, they’re often very bulky and are hard to keep in the mouth, especially for kids with smaller mouths. Symptoms of TMJ may also develop because the teeth are constantly clenched to try and keep the mouthguard in. It’s also difficult to communicate with teammates or drink water with this mouthguard.

With a custom mouthguard, it fits perfectly to your teeth because it’s made from molds of your smile. Performance on the field can be better because you’re not focusing on keeping it in your mouth. You’re able to speak with it in and can take a quick water break without worrying about taking out your mouthguard.

Nightguards for TMJ and Teeth Grinding

Nightguards are made to position your jaw so that it’s natural and relaxed at night. This helps reduce any muscled tension you have, as well as eliminate you clenching and grinding your teeth at night. This is specially fit depending on your specific bite disorder and jaw placement. It’ll prevent further problems with any pain in your face and jaw, as well as wear and tear on your teeth from grinding them.

The Mouthguard Process

To start, you’ll have a consultation with one of our dentists. A full evaluation will be done of your teeth to see if anything needs to be fixed. They may recommend that you get these problems fixed, particularly if they impact the shape of your smile, before getting fitted for the mouthguard. Once this is settled, impressions will be taken of your teeth so that the mouthguard can be made to fit them perfectly.

Those impressions are sent to a lab so that the mouthguard can be crafted to the specifications of your teeth. When the mouthguard is completed, we’ll call you back in for the second appointment. We’ll have you try on the mouthguard to make sure it fits the way you need it to. Adjustments will be made if they need to. We want to guarantee that it fits perfectly and is comfortable for you to wear.

Custom Mouthguards From Your Silver Spring, Maryland Dentists

Whether it’s to protect your mouth during sports or to prevent further impacts from TMJ disorders, we’ll help you get a mouthguard that’s tailored to your needs. Call us or schedule an appointment online!