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Bleeding Gums Can Impact Pregnancy

Research published in Oral Health & Preventative Dentistry suggests that treating gingivitis in pregnant dental patients reduces the chances of preterm births and increases birth weights. Gingivitis refers to the early stage of gum disease, an infection in the gum tissue.

Pregnant people face many health concerns they need to monitor. But based on studies like this one, they should also think of their oral health. They should schedule regular visits with their dentist to make sure their gums stay healthy since this can play a major role in their pregnancy. Read on to learn more about gingivitis, its effects on pregnancy, and how a dentist can help.

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Symptoms of Gingivitis

Gum disease occurs when bacteria infect the gum tissue, causing inflammation that can progress into major dental damage. Gingivitis is the early phase of this disease and often presents with swelling, soreness, and bleeding in the gums.

If you notice receding gums, bad breath, or other more severe dental issues, this could mean the disease has advanced to impact the teeth and the jawbone. This could result in irreversible problems like tooth loss, so it is best to treat this issue early.

But gum disease might not have these recognizable symptoms. This is why dentists ask patients to come to their offices for routine check-ups. They can perform periodontal disease screenings to make sure the gums show no signs of disease.

Gum disease affects more than half of American adults at some point in their lives. Though it is common, it can still cause major health concerns, including in pregnant patients.

Why to Treat Gum Disease Promptly

As mentioned, advanced gum disease can lead to severe dental damage. Even if a dentist treats the infection, the patient can be left with structural issues that will require further treatment to amend.

Patients can prevent this damage by seeking prompt treatment for gum disease as soon as they notice concerns in their gums. They should let their dentist know about any issues, even if it is not time for their routine check-up.

The inflammation from this gum infection can cause problems in the rest of the body too. Inflamed gums can link with the body’s inflammatory response. This can lead to complications throughout the body that medical experts cannot fully predict.

Pregnant people might be especially vulnerable to this issue. Based on the aforementioned study, they might have issues related to the birth of their child that stem from untreated gum disease. Therefore, prompt action from a dentist can prevent severe medical concerns. Gum disease will not go away on its own. So it is crucial that you let your dentist know about your concerns.

They can use special cleaning methods to clear away the infection and excess bacteria. If needed, they can also provide targeted gum surgery to remove damaged gum tissue. They can offer antibacterial rinses to keep the infection at bay and preserve your smile going forward as well.