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Cosmetic Dentistry Wheaton, MD

Dr. Alan Dechter and Dr. Matthew Moy welcome patients from Wheaton, MD, to our cosmetic dentistry. We provide treatments and services to improve smile aesthetics. You carry your smile with everywhere and it is often the first thing people notice about you. First impressions are lasting, so it is important to have a beautiful, balanced, and healthy smile.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve the look of your smile and it can also support long term dental health. Our cosmetic dentists offer cosmetic dental services that can make subtle or dramatic changes. Most importantly, we guarantee that your smile will look natural and function normally.

cosmetic dentistry wheaton md

Not Just a Pretty Smile

Our dentists will address your cosmetic dental concerns, but your oral health will be the primary focus. We will take all aspects of your mouth into consideration. The goal is to make sure it functions properly as well as looks beautiful.

A healthy mouth is at the root of every beautiful smile, so consider cosmetic dental procedures like a facelift. Our team will work to ensure that you have a healthy and stable oral foundation to support your cosmetic results.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Wheaton, MD

Our dentists apply cosmetic dental treatments to repair damaged teeth, realign crooked teeth, and brighten stained teeth.

We can even reshape teeth that are too short or too long. First we will conduct a thorough oral health exam at our Wheaton, MD dental office. Here, we will determine if there are any underlying health issues. Then you can discuss the cosmetic concerns you have with your teeth.

Dr. Dechter and Dr. Moy will inform you of your cosmetic dentistry options in a clear and concise manner. This will make it easier for you to make decisions about your treatment. In some cases, your treatment plan will aim to restore dental health while improving the appearance of your smile. Our complete approach to cosmetic dentistry will ensure comfortable and long lasting results.

The cosmetic dentistry treatments we provide most often include:

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a dental procedure to remove stains and discoloration from the teeth. Our whitening treatments will enhance the appearance of your teeth better than any store-bought whitening products. We offer an in-office teeth whitening procedure to whiten teeth in about an hour. An in-office professional whitening treatment involves applying a gel to the teeth, penetrating the enamel to break down stains.

We also offer take-home kits to whitening teeth in a few weeks. This type of whitening treatment allows you to whiten your teeth on your own time in the privacy of your home.

The benefits of professional teeth whitening include improved self-esteem and confidence due to a brighter smile. Also, professional teeth whitening is generally safer and more effective than over-the-counter alternatives. We can customize the treatment to accomodate your needs. Our dentists will monitor you, reducing the risk of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. To learn more about our professional tooth whitening methods, see Teeth Whitening. To learn more about our in-office and -take-home whitening treatments, see Teeth Whitening.

Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding will whiten teeth stained teeth, close gaps between teeth, hide teeth with chips, and change the shape of teeth. Sometimes, dentists use it to address minor tooth decay. This cosmetic dental procedure uses tooth-colored resin material to correct minor tooth imperfections.

Your dentist will apply the bonding material to the tooth and harden it with a special light. The process ultimately bonds the material to the tooth.

One key benefit of tooth bonding is that it is not invasive, requiring little to no tooth structure removal. Also, dental bonding is cheaper than other cosmetic treatments like veneers and crowns, making it accessible to a wider range of patients seeking dental improvements. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of dental bonding, see Tooth Bonding.

Porcelain veneers

A dental veneer is a wafer-thin shell that covers a tooth’s front. The tooth-colored porcelain hides almost any imperfection, including stains, chips, cracks, and gaps between teeth.

There are many advantages to choosing porcelain veneers. Dental veneers made of porcelain offer a natural appearance, and they are highly resistant to stains. A smile makeover with porcelain veneers provides a long-lasting solution for a radiant smile.

Also, porcelain veneers require minimal removal of the tooth’s original structure, making them a conservative option. Overall, these veneers significantly enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a patient’s dental health. To learn more about how we prepare teeth for dental veneers, see Porcelain Veneers.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners can align crooked teeth, giving you a straighter smile without using metal braces. This orthodontic treatment is efficient, straightening teeth faster than traditional braces.

Clear aligners are made from transparent, high-grade plastic, making them very durable. We will take impressions of your teeth so they will fit precisely over your teeth. You will wear them for 20-22 hours a day and move on to the next set of aligners after a week.

Clear aligners offer numerous benefits. They are almost invisible, offering an aesthetic appeal for teens and adults. You can also remove them to eat, brush your teeth, and floss around your teeth, which will contribute to better oral hygiene. Treatment with clear aligners is generally more comfortable, as no metal brackets or wires will cause irritation. To learn more about the clear aligner process, see Clear Aligners.

Dental Crowns

A crown is a cap that the dentist places over your natural tooth. It can change the tooth’s color, shape, and overall appearance. We will custom-make the cap and cement it to a prepared tooth.

We can also use a custom dental crown with an implant to replace a single missing tooth. This tooth replacement method offers a natural appearance and feels and functions like a real tooth.

When custom-made, your crown will blend in with your surrounding teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. A custom dental crown provides structural support and a natural appearance, making it a popular restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatment. To learn more about CEREC dental crowns, see Dental Crown.

Dental Implants

Dentists can replace missing and lost teeth with natural-looking dental implants. A tooth implant is an artificial tooth roots made from titanium.

They must be surgically placed into the jawbone to support replacement teeth. One dental implant can support a crown to replace one tooth, and several dental implants will support a bridge or denture.

Teeth implants provide a strong and sturdy base for dental restorations that are made to match natural teeth. From a cosmetic perspective, dental implants offer significant benefits for patients, including improved appearance and enhanced self-esteem. They restore the natural look of teeth, halt bone loss in the jaw, and maintain facial structure.

Also, tooth implants eliminate the discomfort and inconvenience associated with removable dentures. An implant restoration offers a permanent solution that looks and feels like natural teeth. To learn more about the dental implant process, see Dental Implants.

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