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Smile Enhancement After Gum Disease

About half of American adults will contract gum disease. Despite its prevalence, many people do not realize that this infection of the gum tissue can cause severe and irreversible dental damage. You will require intervention from a dentist to get rid of this disease.

Even after your dentist eradicates the issue, you might be left with problems in your teeth and gums. These problems may then impact the look of your smile. Read on to find three cosmetic dental concerns that might arise due to gum disease and how your dentist can fix them.

fix cosmetic dental concerns Silver Spring Maryland

Cosmetic Solutions for Damage from Gum Disease

Reduce Puffiness in Gums

The early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, often presents with inflammation in the gum tissue. This may mean your gums will appear red and swollen with a tendency to bleed easily.

You might feel self-conscious about the way your gums look. But you can relax knowing these symptoms often resolve after your dentist treats this infection. Your dentist gets rid of this disease by thoroughly cleaning excess bacteria from your smile, especially deep in the gum pockets.

With the infection gone, the swelling and redness will subside on their own, leaving them looking pink and healthy again. If your dentist needs to get rid of damaged gum tissue, they may suggest a gum graft to restore the look of your gums.

Straighten Spacing Issues with Teeth

When your dentist treats your gum disease, the swelling and dental damage may have caused your teeth to shift out of place. You might feel unhappy if your teeth now appear crooked, overlapped, or gapped.

Your dentist can help you amend minor alignment concerns in your smile with clear braces. These clear-colored plastic aligners are designed to fit your unique smile. They gradually shift your teeth into their desired straighter position over time.

Patients with black triangles, or dark gaps toward the crown of their teeth, can find smile enhancement with teeth bonding treatment. The dentist will use resin to fill these gaps and give a fuller appearance to the patient’s smile.

Replace Missing Teeth

Advanced gum disease will spread from the gum tissue to the teeth and jaw. Bacteria can eat away at these parts of the mouth. This can cause lasting damage that may make a tooth fall out.

Missing teeth leave noticeable gaps in the smile and will also lead to a decline in oral function. Your dentist can offer several types of tooth replacement solutions. But the most comprehensive option is dental implants. A dentist can surgically place an anchor into the jaw. This will support prosthetic teeth that will have your smile looking and feeling its best again.

Not every patient will qualify for this permanent treatment. So you should schedule a consult with your dentist to determine your eligibility. If you do not have enough healthy jawbone to support an implant, your dentist may suggest removable dentures or a bone graft. Your dentist will employ an individualized approach when it comes to cosmetic dentistry so that you can count on the best results.